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For the second week in a row Maureen Cole won the catch the ace draw. She wins 96 bucks with the King of spades from envelope Time to get back on the horse.

July 25, winner: Maureen Cole. July 18, winner: Maureen Cole.

Deep River’s Catch the Ace lottery continues | Portage Daily Graphic

Catch the Ace Winner on December 27, This is a new progressive jackpot raffle which is quickly becoming very popular across Ontario. This game is extremely popular in the Maritimes where huge jackpots have been won. There will be 52 envelopes and one card will be inserted into each envelope and sealed.

The sealed envelopes will be mixed and numbered from 1 to The numbered envelopes will then be placed in a locked display case which will only be opened at the draw time each week. This ensures no one knows which envelope contains the Ace of Spades. Write the envelope number in the square on your ticket you think contains the Ace of Spades.

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Event: Chase the Ace Lottery

Overview Comprehensive lotto book. A new approach to winning every lotto game based on trends. Product Details. Average Review. At first, the small-town lottery inched along without much fanfare. Each weekend, volunteers sold tickets at the Inverness Legion, and each weekend the jackpot ticked slightly higher.

It took over a month to add the first thousand dollars to the pot, and eighteen rounds to push the jackpot above ten thousand dollars. As the purse increased, so did the crowds.

Easy Beginner Card Tricks - Ace Lottery [Self Working]

Early on, the drawings lasted a couple of hours. In this village with Scottish roots and a lingering brogue, they were an excuse to gather, have a drink, and listen to Celtic music. By the end of July, the lotto jackpot tipped over a hundred thousand dollars—a nice haul, but still only half of what had been paid out for playing the same game elsewhere in Nova Scotia.

By September, thousands of people were driving or climbing aboard buses and ferries to take a shot at becoming a millionaire in Inverness. Caught unawares by the sudden surge in interest, the town at first appeared to buckle under the strain: the few restaurants were running short on food, the corner store was picked dry by the end of each weekend, and the mobile network crashed. A portable cell-phone tower was installed to handle the deluge of visitors; police reinforcements were called in; and the harness-track was transformed into a parking lot to handle the crowds. After years of economic struggle, as mining jobs dried up or moved westward and fishing incomes dwindled, the unanticipated influx of cash has boosted morale and the local economy.

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The abandoned coal mines that once sliced through the landscape have been carpeted with greens and fairways for two high-end golf courses flush against the surf. The transition is still very much in progress, and some skepticism remains, but the new courses have brought new visitors, and jobs that young people previously had to go elsewhere to find. The unexpected windfall from the lottery has helped spread the sense of momentum and optimism beyond the greens. Hosting the weekly lotto has become a serious job for many in the village.

For would-be winners, the time commitment is also onerous.